As has been the tradition for many years, the CJE attended back-to-school activities at the Cité-école Louis-Saint-Laurent. The aim of this outdoor half-day, organized by the school in collaboration with many local organizations, is to let students out early so they can spend the afternoon visiting various kiosks specifically designed for them. Games, food, skill-testing, competitions… there’s even a raffle prize draw at the end of the day. As part of the festivities, last September 4, Olivier and Véronick represented the CJE by helping students participate in a giant map game where we invited adolescents to put the names of municipalities and street numbers on a map of the MRC of Haut-Saint-François. Out of 56 participants, it was Mary-Lee Fortin who scored a pair of headphones, drawn at random at the end of the day. The CJE wishes everyone a great return to school!