Place aux jeunes

Hey you! Yes, you! Do you have a ton of projects in mind and just need a vibrant and friendly place to get them all going? Maybe you aren’t living in Haut-Saint-François yet, but you’re considering it? Perhaps you know someone who is about to move to MRC or is thinking of moving here? Or, maybe you’re just curious and want to get to know the area?

In you’re in any of these situations, make your life a little less complicated by contacting the region’s Place aux jeunes. We’ll make it easy on you. Whether you’re looking to come and explore MRC for the weekend, find a job or start networking with key socioeconomic players in the area, our services are here to make your transition from one place to another easier. The MRC of Haut-Saint-François has a lot to offer as a home-base—let us help you get to know the area and adapt to your new environment! This service is offered to high school and college graduates, ages 18-35.

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Exploratory trips to the region

Two times per year a cohort of 6-12 people get the chance to spend 3 days in the MRC. The goal of these exploratory trips is to get to know elected representatives and organizations, see the sites, learn information about the job market and entrepreneurial opportunities, visit companies, etc. Transport, meals and activities are provided! In short, it’s a way for our region to entice you, and get you thinking about your future in Haut-Saint-François. Find out when our next trip is!

Discover the region in a day

How about a day of personal exploration! This is a single-day trip with an itinerary adapted to suit the needs of the candidate. This service is often used by participants who have already put their moving plans into motion, or it can be scheduled to coincide with a job interview.

Remote support

Emails, telephone conversations, follow-ups; get matched with employers or important people in the area… We help participants with all the steps needed for their move, even from a distance!


Our wish at Place aux jeunes is to foster a feeling of belonging among adolescents in the area while contributing to the participant’s knowledge of the territory. It’s for this reason that Place aux jeunes gets involved with its clientele through various activities (career day, HSF Quiz, the Maisons de jeunes’s organized trips) We believe that by helping adolescents get to know their region, they will want to return home after their studies and contribute to their community.

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