After two years of continual efforts of the provisional committee, made up of partners from the area, the Carrefour jeunesse-emploi du Haut-Saint-François came to life in 1999. In January of that year, its personnel (made up of four people at the time) endeavoured to prepare for the organization’s grand opening. Even though the CJE foundation’s general assembly took place on Mar 15, 1999, the CJE had already received its first client on February 1, 1999.

In the course of a single month, the CJE welcomed 96 youth who primarily needed help writing their résumés and looking for a job. A promising sign for the CJE!

Today,  two decades later, many permanent programs and one-time projects have been part of CJE’s regular services and have helped improve the living conditions of young adults living in the MRC of Haut-Saint-François.

Our mission

The CJE is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support and guide youth ages 16-35 as they integrate into their social and professional adult lives; accompanying them in a journey of their choosing to find a job, return to school or start their own company or project.

Our vision

As key players in the lives of our youth, the CJE of HSF hopes to become an integral partner to young adults by developing innovative and collaborative practices that allow for them to forge ahead and find their place in the community.

Our values

We ensure the accessibility of our services to our clientele and our partners by adapting to their needs.

We value interaction and collaboration with other participants in the area; supporting organizations and businesses in Haut-Saint-François through the development of shared projects.

We believe versatility, integrity, ethics and hard-work are indispensable when it comes to reaching our goals and accomplishing our mission.

We foster harmonious relationships by always showing compassion and empathy.